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Course Curriculum

Explore the core curriculum, specialization units and extended curriculum, designed by the University of Toronto Faculty of Education (OISE).

  • Unit One – An Introduction to English Language Teaching (20 hours)
  • Unit Two – Teaching Language Skills (20 hours)
  • Unit Three – Structuring and Delivering Lessons (20 hours)
  • Unit Four – Managing Your Teaching Environment (20 hours)
  • Unit Five – Resources and Materials (10 hours)
  • Unit Six – Digital Technology in the Classroom (10 hours)

The 120 and 150-hour TEFL courses allow teachers to choose two specialization units. These allow teachers to focus their training on the areas most relevant to their careers. Areas of specialization include the following:

  • Teaching English to Korean Speakers
  • Teaching English to Arabic Speakers
  • Teaching English to Mandarin Speakers (Chinese)
  • Teaching English to Young Learners
  • Teaching Test Preparation Courses
  • Teaching Business English
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Learner-Centered Lessons
  • Teaching Abroad

The 150-hour Premium TEFL course includes your choice of two specialization units as well as the following additional core curriculum units:

  • Online Teaching and Learning (10 hours)
  • Learner-Centered Lessons (10 hours)
  • Teaching abroad (10 hours)

Frequently Asked Questions

The course is 100% online and there are no in-class or scheduled components. You can complete the course from anywhere at any time.

Teach Away will provide advice and access to our recruitment services. Upon completion of the TEFL course, candidates will be invited to create a Teacher Profile at Teach Away. This will allow you to search for job postings and start applying to jobs that you're interested in. Although Teach Away will assist you, we can't guarantee you will be hired. We are more than happy to advise you on your job strategy, and you will have access to our recruitment services, but you will ultimately be responsible for securing a position.

There are many steps to finding a teaching jobs abroad. The TEFL Job Search Guide created by Teach Away will guide you through the 5 steps of landing an international teaching job. The guide includes information and advice on:

  • Choosing a destination
  • Qualifications & job requirements
  • Building a teacher resume
  • Finding jobs and how to apply
  • Tips from Teach Away recruiters

Good luck!

While a TEFL certification is not a teaching license it can help to prepare you to teach English online as a Foreign language. 

A teaching license is issued to teachers by their state or provincial issuing body and certifies them to teach in schools in their home country. A TEFL certificate prepares individuals of all experience levels to instruct students in English in the foreign language classroom.

A TEFL certificate prepares teachers to adapt their teaching across different subjects (not just English) for instruction to English Language Learners (ELLs). What is commonly referred to as “academic English” is becoming a requirement for foreign language students looking to attend English-speaking colleges and universities.

A TEFL certificate trains you to teach English to students living in a non-English-speaking country. This means you can teach English language learners online or in-person. There are a multitude of different options out there: check out our country comparison chart to help you narrow down your search!

A TEFL certificate is a requirement for most international teaching jobs abroad. Even in cases where a TEFL certificate is not specified as a requirement, it is always noticed by international employers and could be the distinguishing factor between you and other teach-abroad candidates.

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*Teach Away considers a 100-hour TEFL course to be the minimum requirement for teaching jobs which require a TEFL certification. While there is no international standard, most international schools will only accept TEFL courses with a minimum of 100 hours of course work.

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