Top Teaching Destinations in Africa

Top Teaching Destinations in Africa

With its landscapes, diversity and wildlife, top teaching destinations in Africa appeal to adventurers at heart looking for an “off the beaten path” teaching experience. While the majority of teaching positions in Africa are unpaid volunteer positions, teaching opportunities at international schools exist for teachers with experience and a teaching license.

What to expect

For new teachers with little to no qualifications or experience, volunteer teaching positions are your best, and possibly only option in Africa. Typically, volunteer placements seek native English speakers to work in rural, and sometimes neglected parts of the continent. While the position is unpaid, food and accommodation is sometimes provided.

Certified teachers with a teaching license and experience have the opportunity to work for privately run international schools situated in major cities. These schools often teach children of expat or wealthy families, and usually have good facilities and resources available to teachers. While teachers working in paid positions can live comfortably on their salary, it is unlikely that they will be able to save much of their income, and should expect to break-even.

Things to consider

Teachers in volunteer positions will likely be working in rural areas of Africa that offer little to no teaching resources. It is advised to bring some textbooks and teaching resources with you to help plan daily lessons.

While volunteer teachers can obtain a tourist or temporary visa relatively easily, certified teachers may have some difficulties obtaining a visa unless they commit to at least a two year teaching contract at a particular school. In this case, a school will sponsor your visa.

Choose Africa if…

You’re looking for a rewarding and unique teaching experience to inspire personal growth. You might not save money for vacations or spending, but you’ll open your mind to a different way of life that you may never experience otherwise.

Top teaching destinations in Africa


From the ancient Egyptian pyramids to the Nile River, Egypt hosts a number of exciting opportunities for licensed teachers with at least two years of teaching experience to work in International Baccalaureate (IB) schools and private international schools. Teaching contracts at these schools often include airfare and accommodation.


Ghana has teaching jobs for English teachers, licensed teachers and university faculty. Although English is Ghana’s official language, English teachers are still in demand as the government works to improve overall reading and writing skills. While many English teaching jobs are offered on a volunteer basis, licensed teachers at international schools can expect to make somewhere around the equivalent of 500 USD per month, which covers the average cost of living in Ghana.


With French being Senegal’s official language, schools often look for both English and French speaking teachers. The best opportunities in Senegal are for licensed teachers with a TEFL certificate and at least 2 years of experience. Typical salary is around $26,000 USD per year and teaching contracts often include return airfare, health insurance and tuition allowance for dependents.

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