5 steps to landing a teaching job abroad

5 steps to landing a teaching job abroad

Updated December 21, 2021

Has the itch to teach abroad set in? If the answer’s yes, great! If you’re ready for an exciting life change and have a passion for travel, then there’s no better way to experience the world than by teaching abroad.

Update on teaching abroad in 2022

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, we are not promoting non-essential travel. The reality is that there is a growing global teacher shortage and schools are in need of international teachers.

Maybe this is the very first time you’ve even considered the idea of venturing overseas to teach. Maybe you’ve started doing some initial research but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the information out there. You’re not alone in feeling that way: searching for “teach abroad” on Google alone yields a whopping 45,600,000 results!

So, how do you begin to look for that dream teaching job abroad? Boringly enough, the answer lies in research, research and more research! For everything you need to know to get started with teaching abroad this year, we’ve teamed up with Teach Away to create a free international teaching jobs guide, full of expert tips and advice from recruitment experts and real teachers abroad.

What are the steps you need to take to get started on your teaching adventure? Read on for more details!

Choose a teach abroad destination that suits your interests and ambitions. One of the great things about teaching abroad is that there are so many options! But don’t spin the globe, drop your finger on a random location and head off on your merry way just yet.

Ask yourself: what are your teach abroad goals? Mapping out what exactly it is that you want to get out of your teach abroad experience, rather than focusing on a single destination, will help you decide the best teach abroad spots for you. You can also read more in depth about the best places to teach abroad in AsiaLatin AmericaEurope and the Middle East elsewhere on our blog.

Look at the job requirements and qualifications. Hiring requirements inevitably vary across countries, but some basic standards are pretty constant across the board, so it’s worth browsing through some current job postings in the countries you’re thinking you might like to teach in. Are your skills, experience and education up to scratch?

Get your resume ready for teaching jobs abroad. As a common requirement for most teaching jobs abroad, a TEFL certificate is the cornerstone of your teach abroad resume. Whether you decide to get TEFL certified online or onsite is totally up to you – online and onsite TEFL courses teach the same quality core curriculum that meets international teaching standards – which one you opt for ultimately depends on your schedule, location and budget. Just remember to choose a course that’s at least 100 hours long, as this is the minimum requirement that most schools abroad set for job candidates. For more on this, head on over to our blog on how a TEFL certification can help you land a teaching job abroad.

Get advice from teach abroad experts. If you’re looking at teaching jobs abroad, there are questions you’re bound to have, from requirements, to the best times to look for teaching jobs abroad. These are best answered by the experts! You can find top tips from teach abroad recruiters in the international teaching jobs guide.

Get prepped for your teach abroad interview. When it comes to interviewing for teaching jobs abroad, you should expect to be grilled on everything to do with teaching English language learners. You’ll need to speak confidently on your approach to everything from planning lessons, to managing a classroom of non-native English speakers. If these questions leave you stumped, then you risk falling flat during your interview. This could mean losing out on some great job opportunities to other candidates who are TEFL certified and have the necessary knowledge and skills to stand out during their job interview. For a full list of the interview no-nos that could keep you from getting hired for teaching jobs abroad, check out the guide.

Looking for more information on all things teaching abroad? Request your free copy of the international teaching jobs guide today and kickstart your TEFL job search with the best teach abroad advice from the experts at the University of Toronto TEFL Online and Teach Away.


Hi Saman,

As a licensed chemistry teacher, you may already qualify to teach chemistry or science overseas, but a TEFL certificate can provide you with the skills you need to manage a classroom of English language learners. PLUS a TEFL certificate makes you a top candidate for any teaching job abroad!
– Elspeth at Teach Away

Elspeth Chalmers
I am a chemistry teacher. Do I also need to get TEFL certification to get a teaching job abroad?
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