Top Teaching Destinations in Central and South America

Top Teaching Destinations in Central and South America

While top teaching destinations in Central and South America aren’t as lucrative as in Asia or the Middle East, this region certainly makes up for it with its unique culture and stunning sights. English has become more important in recent years thanks to the increase in tourism, which means that teaching at an English language academy is the most popular choice for teachers.

What to expect

Requirements for English teachers are not nearly as strict as they are in other parts of the world, which means there are teaching opportunities for many types of teachers. An ESL teaching qualification such as a TEFL certificate is not required, but always considered an asset which can set you apart from other teaching job applicants. Licensed teachers seeking positions in international schools are expected to have a teaching license and Master’s degree.

Things to consider

Teaching salaries in this region can be low for new or inexperienced teachers. Central and South America can, however, be extremely affordable and teachers can live comfortably on their income. Private tutoring is a great way to supplement your income and earn some extra cash.

It can be difficult to obtain a work visa unless you plan to stay for more than 2 years. For this reason, many teachers work on a tourist or mobility visa and stay in their country of choice for less than 6 months.

Choose Central and South America if…

You’re a new or inexperienced teacher looking for a teaching opportunity that will enable you to learn a new language, while teaching students with diverse backgrounds and language levels.

Top teaching destinations in Central and South America


The growing demand for English teachers in Brazil presents many different job opportunities for teachers. New or inexperienced teachers can apply for English teaching jobs at private language academies, which will offer them the chance to teach a wide range of ages and English language levels.


ESL teaching opportunities are plentiful in Argentina, however it’s uncommon for teachers to secure a teaching job before arriving. In Argentina specifically, private tutoring presents the opportunity for teachers to make a considerable amount of money on the side (sometimes double what they would make at a private English academy!). You will need to work to network with people in your new community to establish yourself.


Since the United States is Mexico’s largest trading partner, learning English is essential for university students and business executives. There are plenty of ESL teaching opportunities, particularly in major cities and tourist hot spots. Also, Mexico is one of the few Spanish speaking countries where you can secure a job before arriving in the country, which is ideal for teachers who feel more comfortable arriving with a plan in place.

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