Should I get TEFL certified?

Girl on tablet: getting TEFL certified: is TEFL worth it?

So, you’re wondering: “should I get TEFL certified?” A Google search for “how to teach English abroad” will return just as many results about TEFL certification as ways to start your international teaching job search.  You almost always see TEFL certification as a requirement for many teaching jobs abroad or online. Here’s the deal:  You’ll

Should I get TEFL certified?

So, you’ve settled on teaching abroad. That’s great! It’s the perfect way to travel the world and experience new cultures, while gaining teaching experience and making a difference in the lives of your students. You’ve seen a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate listed as a requirement in job postings on online teaching

Top Teaching Destinations in Africa

With its landscapes, diversity and wildlife, top teaching destinations in Africa appeal to adventurers at heart looking for an “off the beaten path” teaching experience. While the majority of teaching positions in Africa are unpaid volunteer positions, teaching opportunities at international schools exist for teachers with experience and a teaching license. What to expect For

Top Teaching Destinations in Asia

Teaching jobs in Asia are some of the most sought after international teaching positions in the world. Top teaching destinations in Asia provide the opportunity to explore diverse cultures, try unique food, and travel to popular bucket list destinations (Mount Fuji, anyone?). Also, the demand for qualified English teachers can make it easier to secure

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