Quiz: What's Your TEFL Adventure Personality?

Quiz: What's Your TEFL Adventure Personality?

By Crissandra Ayroso

As graduation season approaches, the world becomes a canvas of endless possibilities for eager graduates.

For those considering a journey into the realm of teaching English abroad, the adventure promises not just a job, but a transformative experience filled with cultural immersion, personal growth, and global connections.

In the spirit of embarking on new beginnings, we present a fun and insightful quiz tailored to inspire students as you prepare for new adventures that may come your way!

Timed perfectly with the excitement of graduation season, this quiz is designed to help you understand your goals and intentions for this potential new chapter in your life. 

Whether you're dreaming of bustling city streets, serene natural landscapes, or a journey of global exploration, let's kickstart your teaching journey abroad with this interactive quiz!

Are you an Achiever, Explorer, or Adventurer? Take the quiz to find out!


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