Teach English to Young Learners

Designer and Instructor: Sara Gogani

Teachers who wish to teach English to young learners can opt for a specialization in this area. As many countries are implementing English language learning beginning from childhood, teaching English to young learners is a useful specialization for anyone looking to increase their employment opportunities abroad. A specialization in this area can also be helpful for licensed teachers who aspire to teach abroad in elementary or Early Childhood settings.

Teaching young learners presents its own set of challenges, no matter what the language of instruction. Traditional language learning principles are often geared towards adults, and teachers must integrate these principles with the approaches that work best in young learners’ classrooms. Educators specializing in teaching English to young learners will learn strategies, activities, and techniques for maintaining a fun but orderly environment.

Specialization in Teaching English to Young Learners

After completing this specialization, teachers will be able to:

• Design a balanced lesson aimed at young learners
• Engage young learners through a variety of media, activities, and teaching techniques
• Teach the major language skills (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening), as well as grammar and vocabulary, to young learners
• Incorporate technology in the classroom
• Assess young learners

Create learning experiences for young students that foster a love of learning English

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