Top Teaching Destinations in Europe

Top Teaching Destinations in Europe

With such an eclectic mix of languages, culture and cuisine, it’s no surprise that teaching jobs in Europe are some of the most sought after by teachers. It’s important to note that each country in Europe is different and will have its own list of requirements for securing a teaching job and obtaining a work visa. Once you jump through the hoops, however, Europe will be yours to explore!

What to expect

Teaching contracts in Europe rarely offer free accommodation or airfare and the competition for jobs can be stiff. Most teachers are required to have a bachelor’s degree as well as a TEFL certificate and in most cases should not expect to secure a full time job before they arrive.

Things to consider

The cost of living can be high in certain European countries – especially major cities like Madrid and Paris – which can make it difficult for teachers save. That being said, ESL teachers can enjoy a comfortable life in Europe with plenty of vacation time to explore neighbouring countries.

It can be difficult for non-EU citizens to obtain a work visa in Europe, which typically involves sponsorship from a hiring school. In order for a school to sponsor your visa, they must prove that every effort was made to fill that position with an EU citizen. As you can imagine, it’s easier for a school to hire a European citizen than go through the hassle and cost of hiring a non-EU citizen.

Choose Europe if…

You’re an EU citizen (or willing to go through the process of acquiring an EU work permit) and looking for an opportunity to work and live in a country that’s rich in culture and history.

Top teaching destinations in Europe

Czech Republic

Prague is the most popular city in the Czech Republic for English teachers and offers an abundance of places to explore and things to do. Despite being a travel hot spot for tourists and backpackers alike, the city is very affordable to live in, and work visas are relatively easy to obtain if you secure a job before arrival.


With its rich culture, history and iconic sights, France is appealing for English teachers that want to learn and practice French during their stay. Most English teachers, especially those from the US, will enter France via the French government’s TAPIF program, also open to Canadian citizens. The program offers the opportunity for teachers to work as a Teaching Assistant in France for 7 months in public schools across the country.


While teaching salaries may be considered low in Spain, the cost of living can be very affordable depending on where you settle. North Americans can enter Spain with its government sponsored teaching program, which sends over 2,000 Canadians and Americans each year to work as Language and Culture Assistants in public schools across the country. An intermediate proficiency in Spanish is required in order to qualify, so get studying!

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