The best places to teach English abroad when you’ve got absolutely NO experience [With job postings]

The best places to teach English abroad when you’ve got absolutely NO experience [With job postings]

For many ESL teachers, their first teaching job is also their first time standing in front of a class of expectant students. But with your OISE TEFL certification behind you and the perfect mix of nerves, excitement and confidence you too can land a fantastic opportunity teaching English abroad.

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Finding a job teaching English abroad when you don’t have any experience is more than doable. (Teaching English abroad without an ESL certification, though? Not so much!) However, with an abundance of ESL jobs and even more locations to choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to decipher where you should spread your fresh set of TEFL-certified wings.

So, without further ado, here’s our guide to the best locations with teaching jobs abroad for anyone with little to no experience.


When you combine one of the world’s largest economies with an expansive population keen to master the English language you’ll have a hotbed of ESL teaching jobs up for grabs. From pre-K to adult language learners, teaching English in China will give you the opportunity to teach English grammar, conversational English, business communication and more.

With so many positions available, choosing one can be a tough decision, that’s why we recommend Teach Away’s Explore Program. Teach Away has partnered with China’s largest and most-reputable schools to give you access to a number of ESL jobs in the countries most sought-after destinations, so you can be sure you’re in good hands while you’re abroad.
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Latest ESL teaching jobs in China >


Japan has certainly become an increasingly popular destination in recent years for TEFL grads. While this has made ESL teaching positions slightly more competitive, there are still a number of great opportunities for teachers of all experience levels. One of the most popular and reputable ways to land a job teaching in Japan is through the JET program. Run by the Japanese government, this program typically hires new college and university grads to work as ALTs (assistant language teachers) in the public school system or at a private language school.

Private tutoring is also popular in Japan and it’s usually fairly easy for ESL teachers to pick up a few extra (well-paid) hours each week with students looking for a little extra guidance.

Latest ESL teaching jobs in Japan >

South Korea

The popularity of Japan as a teach abroad destination has skyrocketed in recent years, due to large demand for ESL instructors and the wonderful quality of life on offer. This has also meant that competition for roles has become tough, but nevertheless there are still good opportunities for inexperienced teachers to be found if you’re prepared to search for them. Private tutoring is also popular here and it’s usually easy to pick up a few extra, and well paid, hours each week with students looking for a little extra guidance. The peaceful, unique culture is both welcoming and captivating.

Latest ESL teaching jobs in South Korea >


Teaching English online is a perfect opportunity to ease into international education without getting on a plane. Whether you’re not quite ready to move abroad or life just gets in the way, you don’t have to give up on your dream of teaching English abroad.

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The demand for online teachers has reached an all-time high as of late and the increasing number of young and adult English language learners around the world shows no signs of stopping. The best part about this gig? You can teach from the comfort of your own home, put your new ESL teaching skills to the test and set your own schedule.

Try out this handy online teaching pay calculator to find out just how much you can make each month!

Latest online English teaching jobs >

So there you have it! The beginner’s guide to teaching English abroad if you have zero experience.

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Hi I am Badullabe from India.

I want to be a teacher abroad, and have TEFL certification.

Please advice me on this

Thanking you

Shaik badullabe
Hello Christie

My name is Eric wachira aged 30 .l am diploma holder in early childhood education from Kenyatta university and a certified primary school teacher in Kenya .just wanted to enquire whats the way forward since for long have been looking to teach overseas English .l am all conversert with all children age’s. Looking forward for your favourable response.


Eric wachira
Hello. I’ve done my bachelor’s degree in education from India. Do I still need to get any extra certification to teach abroad?

Are there any countries except India, that recognise B.Ed course?

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your question! You may face some difficulty as many countries have working visa age restrictions, especially some of the more popular teaching destinations like the UAE and China. However, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s impossible, you can find more info here:

You may also be interested in teaching English online, it’s a great way to teach students from all over the world, at any age! You can find out more information here:



Rachael Thompson
I am what you might call, a “senior student”! I’m 70 y.o. and retired, except for substitute teaching, mostly at the elementary school level. I’m pretty youthful and physically active. Do you think I might anticipate problems based solely on my age? (I have a BA in psychology and an MS in counselling).


Elizabeth Bradley

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