How can a qualified teacher benefit from a TEFL certificate?

How can a qualified teacher benefit from a TEFL certificate?

It’s a common misconception that only ESL teachers benefit from earning a TEFL Certificate. Understandably, as TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. However, most people don’t realize that the objective of a TEFL course is to prepare you for teaching non-native English speakers. This means that even certified teachers, who have attended teacher’s college and earned their teaching license, can benefit from a TEFL certificate! Read on to learn why.

Teaching abroad is different from teaching at home

As a certified teacher, you learn teaching strategies, classroom management, lesson planning and more. However, a Bachelor of Education focuses on how to be a great teacher in your home country, where communication is easy because the shared language between you and your students is the native language. The foreign classroom is an entirely different ballpark as you will be teaching your desired subject in English to non-native speakers. It’s hard enough for a student to understand math concepts in their native language – let alone a foreign one! A TEFL course helps you adapt your communication style to suit the English proficiency level of your students. Keep in mind that in some cases, your students’ English levels will vary in a single classroom. Learning skills to identify those language gaps and adapt your teaching style and strategies for each student is a key component in a TEFL course.

A TEFL Certificate is for life

Your TEFL certification never expires and doesn’t need to be renewed.  Once you are certified, it’s for life. What’s more? A TEFL Certificate is the qualification standard for teaching abroad and is internationally recognized by employers. With a TEFL Certificate on your resume, you’ll stand out from other candidates applying for the same job, with the same qualifications, and improve your chances of landing a job abroad with a reputable employer.

Culture Knowledge

Teachers are often encouraged to incorporate pop culture, current events and cultural references into their lessons to make the class more interesting and engaging to students. This can pose a problem when you realize that your new home country has completely different celebrities, movies, TV shows, politicians and even humour – all of which are unfamiliar to you.

A TEFL course prepares you for these cultural differences and helps you research destinations, organizations and work environments overseas. You’ll be equipped to quickly adapt to your new home and anticipate and prepare for cultural differences that can (at times) be frustrating.

Whether you’re a seasoned certified teacher with years of experience, or a recent university graduate looking for teaching opportunities, a TEFL Certificate can help make you the ideal candidate for any teaching job abroad.

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I own Bacherlor Degree In Education (Political Science) ,currently working in government high school for more than 10 yrs now in Nigeria.I wish to enroll for the TEFL site programme in Nigeria .Please where can I get one of the accredittated body running the programme in Nigeria.
Akinwekomi Olusegun Peter
In order to obtain a TEFL certificate, you must complete a TEFL course. Certificates are awarded based on hours of study. If you do have a PhD in ESL, you may already qualify to teach abroad. A good starting point is to check out the qualifications and requirements for jobs that interest you. Hope that helps!
Elspeth Chalmers
If I have a PhD and Masters in ESL, can’t I just take the test?
Mary Minor Duran
Hello Kaluya, thank you for your comment! Upon completion of your TEFL Online course, you will receive information to get started with Teach Away. You will also receive resources to aid in your job search. Job placement is not guaranteed for graduates of TEFL Online via Teach Away, and Teach Away will not search for jobs on behalf of a candidate. If you have any questions about how a TEFL certificate can help you get a job teaching abroad, please do not hesitate to contact us at Best, Christie.
Christie Van Tol
I’d like to learn,and work.

Assaf Rosenkrantz .

Assaf Rosenkrantz

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