Is teaching English abroad right for me? [Quiz]

Is teaching English abroad right for me? [Quiz]

You may have dreamed about teaching English abroad, but how do you know if it’s the right move for you?

Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel the world and experience new cultures, but it’s also a job. In my own experience, spending time with the students was just as valuable as the opportunity to travel. My students gave me such unique insight into the local culture. Not only that – it was so rewarding to see them grow and improve their English over the course of our time together. Lesson planning in the evenings was a labor of love simply because of the joy I knew a great lesson could bring to my classroom.

Working and living in the same place for a year also allowed me to make real connections. I loved the chance to really immerse myself somewhere and live like a local. On top of all this, I was able to travel on my off time. Weekends and holidays were getaways to anywhere I could get a plane or bus ticket.

There are a lot of ways to see the world. Teaching English abroad is just one of them, but take it from me, if it’s for you, it’ll be the adventure of a lifetime.

Not sure if you fit the bill? Take our quiz to find out if you’d make a great English teacher abroad!

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