6 things about TEFL you thought were true, but aren't | Part 2

6 things about TEFL you thought were true, but aren't | Part 2

Updated December 21, 2021

TEFL myths debunked Part 2 has been updated!

This two-part series on setting the record straight on some of the common misconceptions about getting your TEFL certification was updated to include one important truth! 

Let’s set the record straight on even more frequently faced TEFL myths you thought were true, but aren’t! In Part 1 of this series we tackled misconceptions about accreditation, and different types of ESL teaching certificates. There are a lot of queries about TEFL courses that seek clarification on other items such as the inclusion of a practicum (teaching practice) as well as who exactly needs a TEFL certificate.

Practicum experience is necessary in order to get a job: False

Though practical experience in the classroom may be beneficial practice for you, it may not be practical for all teachers to find the time to drop everything to attend an in-class or on-site TEFL course.

Practicum is only beneficial if your practice is observed by an experienced teacher-trainer who can provide feedback on your teaching. Online TEFL programs may or may not offer a practicum component, and you should be wary of online TEFL programs that include a practicum, but require you to source your own placement. Quality online TEFL certification programs that include a practicum will ensure that you are able to get your in-person training at an established institution. Depending on the nature of a teaching practicum, on-the job-training can often provide very similar benefits and allow you to put classroom management strategies into practice.  

The most commonly misinterpreted aspects of a TEFL practicum are that it “legitimizes” a program, and that the hours of experience gained count towards hours of full-time teaching experience when applying for jobs abroad. This is not the case! Whether or not your TEFL course of choice has a practicum component will not affect the credibility of your TEFL certification.

A TEFL Certificate Expires: False

Once you earn your TEFL certification, it’s yours forever. TEFL qualifications are lifetime certificates and do not have expiry dates. And unlike a teaching license, there are no steps or processes to renew them (which also means no fees!)

TEFL-certified instructors and teachers are highly sought after in non-English countries all over the world. Certifications issued by prestigious and globally recognized institutions mean candidates are – and will remain – competitive.

I’m a licensed teacher, so I don’t need a TEFL certificate: False

Even though there are professional teaching positions around the globe that do not specifically request that candidates have a TEFL certification, it always makes a significant difference on any resume intended to take an educator abroad. Although licensed teachers may not need a TEFL qualification, it can serve as an incredibly valuable tool for professional development.

The right TEFL course can prepare teachers to teach English to native speakers of a variety of different languages, such as Arabic, Korean, and Chinese. Further, TEFL education provides instructors with the knowledge and ability to adapt their teaching methods to English Language Learners.

Furthermore, being TEFL certified could set you apart from another candidate with similar experience and qualifications.

There you have it – our final three misconceptions about TEFL courses debunked.  If you have any questions leave us your question in the comment section below and we would be happy to respond back to you personally!

A TEFL certificate prepares you for teaching English: True

As you can imagine, we are huge fans of TEFL over here. However, we can say without a doubt that getting a TEFL certification from a a quality program can absolutely help to set you up for success to teach English abroad or online and be the best teacher you can be. 

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Although I hold a TEFL certificate I was not aware of these points, so thank you for a great post
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