TEFL Certification from the University of Toronto

Upon completing the TEFL certification from the University of Toronto, graduates will receive a certificate from Continuing Education at OISE, the Faculty of Education at the University of Toronto, ranked in the top 20 universities worldwide.

TEFL Certification From the University of Toronto and Teach Away

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is world-renowned for academic excellence: the QS World University Rankings recently ranked the university 13th in the world for Education instruction and 19th for overall academic quality.

The University of Toronto’s online TEFL certification reflects an academic standard that is recognized globally by ministries of education, private institutions, and international universities.

Teach Away Inc.

By partnering with Teach Away, the world’s leading international teacher recruitment agency, the University of Toronto’s TEFL Online certification offers the most comprehensive TEFL training available anywhere. No other TEFL course offers the University of Toronto’s quality and accessibility in conjunction with the no-charge services of Teach Away, the world’s most geographically diverse teacher recruitment agency.

Every year, Teach Away places thousands of educators in positions around the world. Earning a TEFL certification online from the University of Toronto is the first step towards an international teaching career.

TEFL Certification Options

The University of Toronto’s TEFL certification offers teachers the choice of three TEFL courses: a 100-hour course, a 120-hour course, or a 150-hour course.

The 100-hour TEFL Online certification contains

  • Six core course units

A 100-hour TEFL certification is generally the minimum standard requirement for most ESL jobs abroad. Teachers who are interested in teaching English abroad, and who wish to complete a TEFL certification in order to meet job requirements, might opt for the 100-hour online TEFL certification.

The 120-hour TEFL Online certification contains

  • Six core course units
  • Two additional units of specialization chosen by the teacher

Teachers who feel they may benefit from additional specializations, and who wish to remain competitive for jobs requiring more intensive TEFL training, should consider the 120-hour TEFL certification online.

The 150-hour TEFL Online certification contains

  • Eight core course units
  • Two additional units of specialization chosen by the teacher
  • One additional unit on Teaching Abroad

Teachers who wish to receive the most in-depth TEFL training and to be eligible for the most competitive TEFL jobs should enroll in the 150-hour TEFL certification course.

Areas of specialization

Areas of specialization include the following:

Enroll today and Go Global with the University of Toronto and Teach Away.