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Teach English Abroad Through TEFL Online

Teach Away Inc. places thousands of educators in international positions each year. The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online course provides support for its graduates long after they have earned their certificates.

Teach English Abroad

The University of Toronto’s TEFL Online course prepares prospective educators with the necessary skills and support to teach English abroad. The course includes a full unit on teaching abroad, to help prepare graduates for finding jobs overseas. TEFL Online graduates are eligible to receive the no-charge services of Teach Away Inc., a global leader in international teacher recruitment, offering the widest variety of international job placements..

Young ESL students in Asia
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TEFL Job Recruitment and Placement

Teach Away has a variety of teaching opportunities, ranging from ESL instructors to superintendents. Its individual screening process matches educators to the positions that best suit their professional and academic qualifications. Teach Away’s partner institutions undergo a strict screening process to ensure that course graduates are placed with reputable institutions and ministries of education abroad.

Teach Away’s services continue beyond the acceptance of a job offer. As part of the recruitment process, Teach Away’s placement coordinators conduct regular pre-departure and orientation webinars to ensure that all educators receive appropriate cultural training prior to starting an overseas assignment.

TEFL Job Locations Abroad

Teach Away recruits qualified educators for teaching jobs around the world:


Teaching jobs in Asia are among the most sought-after placements for educators looking to teach English abroad, due to their competitive salary packages that often include airfare and accommodations. With opportunities for inexpensive travel to surrounding areas and a rich cultural history to explore, Asia is a great prospect for education professionals looking for travel opportunities. Teaching in Japan, teaching English in Korea, or teaching in China are some of the most popular options for TEFL teachers.

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With its mix of modern attractions and old-world charm, Europe is a popular destination for those seeking teaching jobs abroad. Teaching jobs in Europe boast competitive wages and comprehensive benefits. Teach Away provides a variety of options for teaching in Europe, from Turkey to the United Kingdom.

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The Middle East

Teaching English in the Middle East delivers the opportunity to live and work in a dynamic, rapidly developing area. The modern cities of the Middle East have grown from some of the oldest civilizations on Earth, creating a wealth of ancient and modern culture to explore. Educators looking to teach English in the Middle East can expect very competitive wages and benefits, allowing them to save a large portion of their salary. Teaching in Dubai and teaching in Abu Dhabi are competitive fields attracting teachers worldwide.

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South America

South America provides travelers and educators the chance to live and work in a variety of climates in a diverse geographical region. South American placements offer a wide range of cultural experiences that include the continent’s world-famous historical sites, rainforests and beaches, cuisine, and hospitality.

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Teaching in Africa gives educators the chance to discover this vibrant, ever-changing region. Due to low costs of living, many teachers are able to save a large portion of their salary, affording them the opportunity to explore the diverse continent. Positions in Africa are best suited for licensed teachers looking to gain professional experience in a rewarding cultural environment.

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