Digital Technology in the Classroom

Designer and Instructor: Saskia Stille and Maryam Wagner

New methods of engaging in technology change the way students learn and function in the classroom. As technology becomes more ingrained in daily life, many school boards are incorporating a wide variety of digital technologies into the curriculum.

Students are now digital natives and expect a certain amount of learning to be facilitated and taught through digital technology. Teachers must be trained to utilize and implement technology in the classroom. In this unit, teachers will explore the use of new technologies and the meaningful ways in which they can improve students’ learning practices.

Specialization in Digital Technology in the Classroom

After completing this specialization, teachers will be able to:

• Incorporate a wide variety of technology into the classroom to positively impact the learning process
• Transfer principles of technology to teach reading, writing, speaking and listening using a variety of tools
• Utilize social media to teach the English language
• Establish a project-based learning strategy using digital tools
• Understand the positives and negatives of incorporating digital tools, learning management systems, and social media into the classroom

Involve digital technologies in the classroom to change the way your students learn

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