Should I get TEFL certified?

Girl on tablet: getting TEFL certified: is TEFL worth it?

So, you’re wondering: “should I get TEFL certified?” A Google search for “how to teach English abroad” will return just as many results about TEFL certification as ways to start your international teaching job search.  You almost always see TEFL certification as a requirement for many teaching jobs abroad or online. Here’s the deal:  You’ll

How to spot common ESL job scams

The English as a Second Language market has long been vulnerable to and often a victim of job-related scamming. There are far too many tales of job seekers being stung by fraudulent “recruiters” or “employers”. In some cases, potential ESL instructors have lost ten or even fifteen thousand dollars… I don’t mean to scare you

English teaching jobs for recent graduates: Everything you need to know about TEFL certification

When you enroll in anything, whether it’s a college course, fitness class, or cooking seminar, standard procedure is to make sure the course content and intended application are aimed at people like you. For example, as a linguistics major in college, you likely wouldn’t enroll in a biology course for bio majors. If you’re just

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