Which universities offer TEFL courses?

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You know that crippling feeling of indecision when you have a million and one options to choose from? That’s what it’s like picking a TEFL course these days. The options can seem endless, especially with myriad websites giving their two cents – and conflicting advice – on the indisputably best TEFL course out there. (Guilty as charged!)

What’s the difference between TEFL and CELTA (and which one do I need to teach English abroad)?

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  More and more people in their twenties are starting to take advantage of the few years of freedom post-graduation. Choosing to pursue other paths instead of jumping right into a 9-5, full-time career. Ever wanted to travel the globe? Get acquainted with another culture? Us too. ✈️🌎👌 Luckily for you, the post-graduation time gap

The best places to teach English abroad when you’ve got absolutely NO experience [With job postings]

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For many ESL teachers, their first teaching job is also their first time standing in front of a class of expectant students. But with your OISE TEFL certification behind you and the perfect mix of nerves, excitement and confidence you too can land a fantastic opportunity teaching English abroad. Recommended reading: What qualifications do I

How to spot common ESL job scams


The English as a Second Language market has long been vulnerable to and often a victim of job-related scamming. There are far too many tales of job seekers being stung by fraudulent “recruiters” or “employers”. In some cases, potential ESL instructors have lost ten or even fifteen thousand dollars… I don’t mean to scare you