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The Benefits of a Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate

Due to the ever-increasing demand for English worldwide, teaching English as a foreign language is a growing field with many opportunities for teaching jobs across the globe. Earning a TEFL certificate offers prospective educators many professional and personal benefits.

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

The TEFL Online course provides three primary benefits to job seekers:

Increase employability

A TEFL certificate strengthens any resume by adding an internationally recognized professional qualification. Educators who have earned the TEFL Online certification see the following job benefits:

  • Higher salaries
  • Eligibility for more competitive jobs
  • Choice of preferred locations and student levels

A TEFL Online certificate opens job possibilities across the globe and increases domestic job possibilities.


Travel the World

With a TEFL certificate, educators can live, work, and travel abroad. Making the decision to teach English abroad opens opportunities for personal and professional development:

  • Develop cultural fluency
  • Gain new understandings and insight through cultural immersion
  • Meet like-minded individuals, and form lasting connections and friendships

Begin a life working and traveling, starting with the completion of an industry-leading online TEFL certification.

Teach English Effectively

A TEFL Online certificate lays the groundwork for effective classroom management in any country or language. Educators develop proficiency in educational techniques and specifics of English:

  • Create and implement culturally appropriate lesson plans
  • Learn to address common areas of difficulty in the English language
  • Develop effective techniques for foreign language instruction

Anyone new to teaching will benefit from TEFL Online, but current educators can also find a new challenge in teaching English as a foreign language by developing new techniques and learning to create lessons for different groups of learners.


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